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Paul Bell

My roof needed a comprehensive refurbishment. I learned that TZ Roofing is one of the best roofing companies and contractors in Glenview,IL so I decided to contact them and I was not disappointed. Their services turned out to be professional and the price was excellent in relation to the performance.

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Patricia Washington

I always thought that inspecting the technical condition of your roof is unnecessary. However, I was wrong. After years, my roof was only suitable for a thorough renovation. Contractors from TZ Roofing undertook this task and additionally informed me what to look for in the future. Professionals in every possible way.

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Eric Carter

I am a person who appreciates the ecological approach to life. I learned that TZ Roofing has in its offer slate roofing , which is attractive and environmentally friendly. Their way of working turned out to be professional, and I live up to this day in accordance with my beliefs, at the same time being[…]

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Robert Stewart

My previous roof was not very durable. Later, I found out that they were faulty materials that were used in its installation. My new roof was installed by TZ Roofing and it’s amazing. I highly recommend this company and have an advice  – every person should pay attention to the materials that will be used[…]

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Jennifer Thomas

The roof of my neighbor was repaired by TZ Roofing contractors. One of them talked to me about certain elements of my roof, which, as it turned out, required immediate replacement. I’m a busy man and I was not aware of it until he mentioned showed it to me. That is why I hired them[…]

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Kelly Taylor

I have always been convinced that the getting good materials for roof installation involves huge costs. TZ Roofing proved to be the company that proved me wrong in this case. My roof was made from high quality materials while still remaining affordable.

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Carol Torres

When I decided to install my roof, I focused on the details, which was reflected in a complicated project. Fortunately, TZ Roofing was up to the task and my roof looks great.

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Jacqueline Phillips

My cousin boasted to me a few weeks ago of a construction team that was replacing his roof. After a short time my roof started to leak and I had to do something about it. I contacted TX Roofing – the company previously chosen by my cousin. I can only say one thing, I’m just[…]

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Diana James

I am a very demanding client, which is why I did not expect TZ Roofing to meet my expectations. I needed a durable roof at a good price. The contractors offered me metal roofing. I agreed and I’m happy with the price, as well as their performance.

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Daniel Walker

When I decided to install the roof, I expected that it would be easy to maintain in the future. Contractors from TZ Roofing offered me a shingle roofing. The choice turned out to be right. Attractive price, solid construction, their services are worth recommending.

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Scott Turner

If you are wondering how to repair your roof, do not waste time and contact TZ Roofing. They will not only repair your roof, but also,  choose the best materials available at an attractive price. Recommended for any roofing needs you might have.

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Craig Watson

Browsing the internet, I came to the website of TZ Roofing. After a telephone conversation with one of the contractors, I hired this company to repair my roof. I was surprised that the TZ Roofing employees have appeared next day to already start the project. A great approach to the client.

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David Sanders

Ecology is the apple of my eye, so no wonder that I decided to have a slate roofing installed.  TZ Roofing guaranteed me a comprehensive installation with powerful support in the implementation of the project. Pure professionalism.

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Kelly Collins

A few years back, I used the services of a roof installation company. After a short time it turned out that the materials were of poor quality and I needed a roof repair. Fortunately, the materials used by TZ Roofing are of the highest quality and its employees are the best in their field.

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Carol Ross

TZ Roofing is a company that has been on the market for 29 years. I had the opportunity to see the reason why they have survived for so long with my own eyes when they repaired my roof. Comprehensive service, willingness to help at every step are typical features of TZ Roofing

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Samuel Hughes

I am not a person that likes construction project that take ages, so I wanted my new roof to be installed as soon as possible. TZ Roofing contractors suggested that I choose the shingle roofing . Surprisingly, the installation did not last forever, as often happens, and I was satisfied with the results.

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Timothy Price

I have been living in the city only for over 2 years. Deciding to install the roof, I wanted it to be done in a rural style that is close to my heart. TZ Roofing proposed to me offered me the cedar shake roofing . It was exactly what I was looking for. I highly[…]

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Jean Green

After looking for a team to install my roof, I have decided to choose a company that has been on the market for over 20 years. TZ Roofing met my requirements, moreover, they installed a solid roof for me, which did not cost me much money.

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Roger King

To fully describe TZ Roofing all you need to say are two things – their professionalism and reasonable prices. By combining these two aspects, we get a specialized and solid roofing company.

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Sandra Scott

The previous maintenance of my roof cost me a fortune. I was lucky that one of my neighbors recommended TZ to me for any future roofing needs. Now I can enjoy my new roof without thinking about huge amounts of money I would have to spend.

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