How to repair a roof?

The Importance of Understanding Roof Repair

The roof is undeniably one of the most important parts of any home. It’s vital to keeping your interiors protected from the elements, it adds to the structural integrity of your home, and it basically is what makes a home a home! That’s why it’s important to address even the most minor roofing damage right away. Untended roofing damage can spread quickly, creating a dangerous and emergency level situation almost overnight.


Roof Repair, Step-by-Step

Some general bits of advice for roof repair include fully embedding nails in the felt and sheathing. You don’t want them to pop out later during heat expansion or any other kind of weather. You also want to always layer shingles from bottom to top, overlapping the top with the bottom shingles. It’s often suggested that you rent a nail gun too since these are inexpensive and can save you tons of time. After you clear away any debris, always lay down a base (called sheathing). Thick plywood is a standard material for this job and should be staggered in a brick pattern for maximum durability.

The next step is lay down felt paper from the bottom up. The felt should be nailed down with a 2-inch overlap and held together with a tar strip. When you begin to add in the shingles, always start from the bottom corner of your roof. Place the first row of shingles following the chalk on the felt. Move upwards to cover the rest of your roof, always using 6 nails per shingle. Again, you’re always going to want to nail the tar strip down as you move on with the shingles to ensure its strength. Finally, make sure to always layer the existing shingles on top of the new ones in order to create the most seamless and professional appearance.