Roofing contractors- frequently asked questions

How long will your roof last?

Keeping roof in a top shape is of uttermost importance for house’s wellbeing but also inhabitants’ safety. So far, nothing surprising there but homeowners often aren’t sure how their roof should perform and how much it should cost them. That’s why it’s always good to have some information on the most frequent concerns such as roof lifespan. There isn’t one simple answer to this, as different variables have to be taken into account such as covering material, climate or maintenance. As far as material is concerned, there are huge discrepancies in the service life. For example, cheapest asphalt shingles last as little as 10-15 years, while metal or natural slate will be good for half century and more. However, roof covering lifespan cannot be considered in detachment from prevailing conditions. Extreme whether can wear even the sturdiest material quicker. Another aspect is regular maintenance, which allows your roof to last longer.

How much does new roof installation cost?

Total cost of your roof depends on several factors. First one is type of roofing material. Here again asphalt shingles are cheapest, which compensates to a degree their short service life. Metal is considered the most expensive option but that’s not the whole truth as it’s not a uniform product. Copper and zinc comes at a premium, true but aluminum and steel are quite affordable. Other materials fall somewhere in-between those options with exception of slate, which is as pricy as some metals. However, that’s not the only factor that influences roof’s costs. There is of course question of size but actually, you should always consider it in connection with pitch and complexity (steeper and more complicated equals costlier). However, the best way to determine amount, you’ll pay is by asking professional roofing contractors for an estimate. Good roofers will also tell you about pros and cons of different options.