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Experienced roofing companies Arlington Heights for roofing installation, re-roofing and roofing repairs

TZ Roofing Arlington Heights is your local, professional roofing contractor for residential or commercial roofing. We’ve been in the business over a quarter century and few other companies can match our experience roofing Arlington Heights. We employee some of the most experienced roofing contractors Arlington Heights has. We offer installations, replacement and repairs of all types of roofing, with high quality work and reasonable, flexible rates.

Complete range of roofing services for residential and commercial buildings

The roof is the most important investment you make in your home or commercial building. Whether you are doing a new construction, or your roof needs replacing; the materials and the installation quality will affect your entire building, for better or worse, for decades. So when you choose a roofing contractor, you want the best roofing contractors Arlington Heights has available. We’ve been roofing Arlington Heights for nearly three decades. Our professional installation, quality of work and fair pricing have made us one of the most respected roofing contractors in the area. We can assist in advising you what roofing material is the best choice for your roofing situation, and we work with every roofing material available. Our goal at TZ Roofing is to offer the most professional roofing Arlington Heights has experienced. Whether you need a small roof repair, a brand new roof, or a large commercial re-roofing project, no job is too big or too small for us. You too can experience the best roofing Arlington Heights has to offer. Call us for more information on our roofing services.

Residential Roofing

At TZ Roofing Contractors, we offer a wide selection of residential roofing services including roof replacement and roof installation in Arlington Heights. Our roofing materials include shingles, slate, metal, cedar shakes, among others. We keep our services and materials affordable and high-quality. For strong and lasting roofing, call our roofing company near me in Arlington Heights.

Commercial Roofing

Whether you have a commercial office or multiple business stores in the area, we can provide excellent roofing for you in Arlington Heights. Our expert roofing contractors can install everything from flat to rubber to shingle roofing for your property. Call our roofers near me in Arlington Heights today and get a free quote.

Covering Types We Offer – TZ Roofing Contractor Arlington Heights, IL

Need a roofing company nearby Arlington Heights? Contact TZ Roofing Contractors today!

You don’t have to look for another roofers!

Stage 1: Roof Quote and Logistics

We provide an easy to read, clearly defined estimate or quote, When you contract with us, we take care of every detail, from procuring materials to scheduling the work. Our roofing specialists plan the project down to the last detail and we work directly with you to coordinate your roofing project. We do all the logistical work for you.

Stage 2: Complete Roof Installation

When you work with our team, you’re investing in our careful planning, as well as our first rate hands on installation and finishing skills. Whether you choose our most budget minded shingle roof or invest in a premium quality, generational roofing material, our highly skilled roofers provide top quality workmanship with every roof we do. We have the most skillful, experienced roofing contractors near m in Arlington Heights has available.

Stage 3: Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our work. Our goal is to offer the best roofing Arlington Heights has to offer. We are there for you beyond the installation. As our roofing customer, you earn our gratitude. We want to earn your respect by answering your questions, resolving issues and making sure you are pleased with your roof when the project is complete and beyond.

Top Quality Roofing Contractor Nearby Arlington Heights, IL

metal roofing

Metal Roofing in Arlington Heights

Our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights are skilled at installing and repairing metal roofing. Contact us about our metal roofing options.

flat roofing

Flat Roofing in Arlington Heights

Flat roofing requires specialized skills not seen on a sloped roof. We bring those unique skills with us to every flat roofing job we handle.

rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing in Arlington Heights

Rubber is a very versatile roofing product and we carry both TPO and EPDM rubber roofing materials for you to choose from.

slate roofing

Slate Roofing in Arlington Heights

Slate roofing provides a beautiful and long-lasting roof, which makes it a very desirable option as it is also eco-friendly.

shingle roofing

Shingle Roofing in Arlington Heights

By far the most prevalent roofing type on the market today is shingles. They are affordable, easy to maintain and repair and they come in various types and colors.

cedar roofing

Cedar Shake Roofing in Arlington Heights

For a rustic look to your home, cedar shakes offer a durable and affordable option. They hold up well to water and pests.

Why Choose TZ Roofing Company Near Me In Arlington Heights, IL & Local Areas

There are plenty of roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights but also some great reasons why you should choose our roofing company nearby Arlington Heights. First, we have nearly 30 years of experience as expert roofing contractors. Experience is very important when it comes to the quality of work provided by a roofing contractor. Second, we can handle just about any roof replacement project. From a small residential roof replacement to a huge project like roof installation on a group of new residential homes, we are there for you.

See why TZ Roofing Arlington Heights Contractors are the leaders in the area:


A solid roof is only as good as the roofing materials used. At TZ Roofing Arlington Heights, our highly skilled contractors use only the best quality materials for our roofing projects.


Commercial roofing projects require specialized materials and professional skills, which is exactly what we provide. From metal to shingles to flat roofing and rubber roofing, we do what needs to be done.


All of our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights are highly experienced in handling residential roofing projects. We offer expert roof installation, roof replacement, and repair skills for any roof style.


We employ only professional, highly experienced roofing contractors in Arlington Heights for all our roofing projects. Our job is to provide affordable, efficient, and fast work and guarantee a high-quality roof replacement every time.


With 29-years in the industry, we have had plenty of practice and gained incredible experience. We have become the leading roofing company in Arlington Heights that can help with all kinds of roofing applications.


Great quality roofing is an important investment in your home. Often, roof repairs are needed when you least expect it, so we do our very best to bring you affordable, flexible pricing for our outstanding services.

Roofing Arlington Heights: roofing installation & roofing replacement FAQ

How long do new roofs last?
With regular maintenance, an average roofing lifespan is about 20 years. If roof replacement is needed, our roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights  will be ready to provide you with the highest quality of service.
Can roofing be installed or repaired during winter?
When it comes to installing asphalt roof shingles, there are no standard temperature guidelines. However, certain materials can become brittle during colder months. Our experienced roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights  will store materials properly and work with one bundle at a time. TZ Roofing Contractor offers the highest quality of roof installation and repair throughout the year.
Can I paint my roof?
Yes, you can! Latex premium quality paints can extend roof lifespan, which our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights can do for you.
My roof leaks. Do I need to replace it immediately?
If you leave your leaking roof throughout a period of time, it may cause severe damage, and the roofing repair can be more expensive. Talking to our roofing contractors in Arlington Heights is the best way to know whether you need a minor repair or a roof replacement.

Tips on How to Hire a Roofing Contractors Near Me in Arlington Heights, IL

Check References and Experience
An experienced roofing contractor is equipped to deal with whatever roofing challenges. TZ Roofing Contractors have experienced roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights and can verify our work.

Talk to Several Contractors
Contact multiple roofing companies Arlington Heights and request an on-site estimate to gauge an honest and reasonable price range. When making a decision, consider the skills and experience over a cheaper hourly rate.

Review the Contract and Warranties 
Before signing any contract, be sure that you have read all the details, especially with the warranty, because it is an essential part of any roof installation and roof replacement in Arlington Heights.

Avoid Wet Seasons
Rainy or snowy season presents a safety hazard and may cause the work to be slow. That is why TZ Roofing Co


Our Step-By-Step Guide – Roofing Process by TZ Roofing Contractor Arlington Heights, IL

Removing Your Old Roofing

The first thing for our roofing contractors nearby Arlington Heights to do is to remove everything from the current roof. That includes even loose nails that should either be hammered flat or cleared away entirely to prevent damage to the new roofing.

Underlayment Installation

The water barrier is known as underlayment. It exists to protect the roof from rain, wind, ice, and snow. This underlayment is applied by the roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights with a self-adhesive and it needs to be done in compliance with local code requirements. Your roofing company nearby Arlington Heights must have awareness of these requirements.


It may not be necessary for your roofing contractors in Arlington Heights to install drip edge flashing on the roof, many homeowners appreciate the finished look it offers. Flashing provides significant protection against water penetration in the corners and valleys of your roof.

Additional Tar Paper Protection

As part of your roof installation in Arlington Heights, an extra layer of waterproofing protection includes a special felt material that is treated with asphalt. It is easily rolled out in overlapping layers that maintain a dry roof under the shingles when subjected to heavy rainfall and high winds.

Installing Shingles

Working from the bottom to the top, roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights nail down shingles row by row in an overlapping manner. This way, water streams down the roof without an opening to get in.

Capping the Ridge

The ridge is the peak of the roof at which point, two sloping sides meet. A roof replacement in Arlington Heights will cap this ridge to both finish the look of the roof, and prevent water penetration, which is critical for any home.

Total Cleanup

The final piece of the roof installation process ensures that any waste or debris is removed and that all the nails, flashing, and shingles are tightly in place to perform as expected. This step is what sets a reputable roofing company in Arlington Heights apart.

Signs You Need a New Roof Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Paper Trail: Make sure to check your home improvement records throughout the years and check how long ago the roof was replaced or reshingled. When it’s time for a roof replacement in Arlington Heights, our roofing company is here for you!

Check Shingles: Keeping a close eye on your rooftop is essential; when you see shingles protruding, it’s probably not the best sign. When you notice cracked, damaged, or buckling on your shingles, contact our roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights right away!

Flash Forward: The flashing around the vents, skylights, and chimneys are the critical parts of protecting your roof from rain and weather. Ensure that these parts don’t have cracks or breaks. When they do, call our roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights now.

Rescue From Rot: Having a droopy, sagging roof is the best time to have a roof replacement. Trust our roofing company near me in Arlington Heights area to get the job done right the first time.

Dangers of Delaying Roof Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

Dilapidated Roofs Causes More Risks: With shabby roofing in place, this can be easily damaged by winds, branch fall-offs, heavy rain, and other outdoor elements. Get a proper roof installation from a reputable roofing contractor in Arlington Heights.

Your Property Becomes Prone to Fire Hazards: Poorly maintained roofing is an invitation to fire hazards. Existing wiring issues can later on escalate and leave your property ablaze. Especially when it starts from the roof, fire can easily travel and damage the rest of your place. Our roofing company nearby Arlington Heights provides long-term roofing solutions.

Energy Consumption Increases: Cold weather could easily penetrate damaged roofing. Consult our roofing contractors near me in Arlington Heights for the best fix.

Your Roof Might Suffer From Leaks : It is common to experience leaks without sturdy roofing over your property. Old, damaged roofs require immediate attention the most. Contact us at TZ Roofing Contractor to get your roof replacement in Arlington Heights.

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Roofing Maintenance - TZ Roofing Contractor Arlington Heights, IL

Maintaining one’s roof is a great way to bring down overhead costs for businesses or residences. It protects you from harsh elements, so you should take good care of it, as much as you care for other parts of your property. Here are things you should mind when maintaining your roof.

Inspections: Hiring a capable roofing contractor in Arlington Heights is important when inspecting for potential problems and repairs to your roof. As much as you can do it yourself, roofing contractors in Arlington Heights will save you time and effort in locating the roof conditions and signs that you might miss.

Reflective Coating: Adding reflective coating to your roof reduces the amount of heat that it absorbs, making indoor environments more comfortable. Getting the services of a roofing company in Arlington Heights, like TZ Roofing Contractor, helps prolong your roof’s life and you get peace of mind that professionals handled the application of the coating.

Basic Repairs: Maintaining your property’s roofing means handling basic repairs like leaks, cracks and other conditions that can worsen over time and lead to untimely roof replacement which can be a cause of unexpected cost. Let professionals handle these repairs so you can focus on running your business or taking care of your family in Arlington Heights.

Things You Should Consider When Doing Roof Replacement & Roof Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Focus on Quality: Cheap prices are tempting especially when it comes to huge investments like a roof installation or roof replacement in Arlington Heights. But when an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Always prioritize quality.

Ask About Roof Removal: When scouting through companies in your area, be sure to inquire if your prospect roofing contractors do old roof removals for your convenience. Removing old roofs is preferred than overlapping them with new shingles.

Ask About Refuse Material Disposal: It is ideal for your hired roofing contractor in Arlington Heights to dispose of the waste from the job instead of leaving everything at your house. To be sure, inquire about this before you proceed.

Read the Paperwork Carefully: Any established roofing company near me in Arlington Heights is happy to produce paperwork to prove the legitimacy of their business. This should include the project cost and specific details.

What To Consider When Choosing Roofing Tiles - TZ Roofing Contractor Arlington Heights, IL

Our roofing company has expert roofers near me in Arlington Heights to help you choose the best roofing tiles. TZ Roofing Contractor has listed some key factors in choosing the right roofing tile for your home.

Overall Cost: Your budget sets the tone from the start. Determine how much you are willing to spend and check which roofing tiles will fit yours. Remember to avoid cheap materials to avoid frequent repairs and roof replacement.

Style of your Home: The style of your home will tell you the type of roofing tiles to use. Your roofing tiles should cater to your home’s needs as well as with the overall aesthetics.

Durability: Durable roofing tiles will cost more, but you will know that it is worth it since the roof maintenance cost is low, too.

Energy Efficiency: Choosing a roofing tile that is energy efficient will reduce your energy cost and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Best Time of Year To Hire Roofing Contractors Nearby Arlington Heights, IL For Shingles Installation

When you have the luxury of planning for your shingles replacement, it is best to contact our roofing contractors Arlington Heights to get the job done right. The best time to replace your shingles is during the fall season. The milder the weather conditions, the better our roofing contractors can work with the least risk involved.

There are also technical reasons for preferring the milder months to replace roof shingles. When the shingles are replaced, they need the time and warmth to form the thermal seal process, which will thoroughly protect your home from different elements.

Trust TZ Roofing Contractors for your roofing needs. Our roofing company near me in Arlington Heights will provide you with the best roof possible.

The Advantages of Roof Replacement Arlington Heights, IL

Energy Conservation

Every power bill aids in the recoupment of a portion of your roof investment. Recently, shingles like modern asphalt have been developed that reflect rather than absorb more of the sun’s rays, making surfaces cooler.


A new roofing Arlington Heights with the right form and color provides incredible curb appeal to any property.

Manufacturer Warranty

An advantage when you have new roofing is that the warranty will cover certain sorts of future repairs and maybe parts and labor.

Increased Property Worth

A new roof is something you can market and use to significantly increase your asking price if you sell the house in the next five years.

Now, if you are looking for a roofing contractor or roofing company Arlington Heights to perform outstanding roof replacement, count on us, TZ Roofing. Don’t hesitate to call us now! We got you and your needs!

Review TZ Roofing Contractors Nearby Arlington Heights, IL

When looking for a roofing company near me in Arlington Heights, there are too many you can find. For this reason, it is pretty challenging to determine where to begin when choosing the one that can excellently provide the specific services you need. We at TZ Roofing Contractor have been in the industry for many years, satisfying the community with the quality of our work. Our roofing contractors have gained a lot of positive reviews due to the quality of services we offer. As a reputable roofing contractor, you can read the feedback we got from our previous clients on our Google+ and Yelp pages. Our clients commended us with the satisfying quality of products and services we deliver.

The services we offer fit your needs, whether it is for a residential or commercial property. We also provide a free comprehensive estimate or detailed information of the services we provide. Call us today! We are the roof installation company that delivers the highest quality customer service, offers affordable rates, utilizes heavy-duty materials, deploys well-trained workers, and many more. Working with us will allow you to understand why we made it at the top list of roofing replacement companies in Arlington Heights. Check out our reviews today!

TZ Roofing Contractors Near Me In Arlington Heights, IL - Testimonials

TZ Roofing Contractor did such a great job with our roofing. It has been years since we checked on it, and when these roofing contractors in Arlington Heights had a look, they decided it needed to be replaced. The entire process was very smooth and affordable!

Brett Kelly Arlington Heights, IL

These roofing contractors in Arlington Heights did such a fantastic job with our roof installation. They were very clean and were able to explain everything they were doing during the entire process. Thank you so much!

Gabe Moss Arlington Heights, IL

The roof replacement that these roofing contractors in Arlington Heights have done was wonderful. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for the smooth and affordable service that your team has provided!

Tanner Atkinson Arlington Heights, IL
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