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About Our Roofing Contractors Des Plaines, IL

At TZ Roofing Company, we take your roof seriously because it keeps your largest possession and everything in it safe. That’s why we only work with the very best roofing contractors in Des Plaines. It is always our determination to provide the finest roofing services possible. So when you need a roof installation or a total roof replacement in Des Plaines, TZ Roofing Company has the right roofing contractors for the job every time. .

Roofing services by TZ Roofing Contractor Des Plaines

TZ Roofing Contractor in Des Plaines, IL offers a wide range of quality roofing services for both, commercial and residential property owners. Find out more about our roof installation and roof replacement in Des Plaines and surrounding areas.

We provide our professional services to both residential and commercial properties throughout Des Plaines and other northern suburbs of Chicago. Our specialties include roof installation and roof replacement services for any kind of roof, including flat, shingle, metal, cedar shakes, rubber roofing, and more! Each one of skilled roofing contractors in Des Plaines has years of experience in the roofing business in both commercial and residential applications.

Also, we offer these roofing services at reasonable, affordable prices, which makes us the best choice for roofing in Des Plaines. Home and business owners value our roofing services that provide high-quality materials, professional and efficient work, and detailed communications with customers. We are the only roofing company in Des Plaines, IL with so many outstanding reviews! Before you choose your roofing company in Des Plaines, do an online search. We guarantee that you will find only amazing comments about TZ Roofing Contractor, making us one of the most trusted roofing companies in Des Plaines.

Our Exceptional Roofing Contractors Make Us the Most Recommended Roofing Company in Des Plaines

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

TZ Roofing Contractor provides a wide variety of residential services, including shingles and other materials by expert roofing contractors in Des Plaines. We are affordable and dependable. The right residential roofing is critical to keep your home safe, and we make it all affordable, whether it’s shingles, slate, metal, cedar shakes, or other materials. Call us today.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing uses a different set of skills than residential projects. Let our expert roofing contractors in Des Plaines install your flat, rubber or shingle commercial roof! We have completed countless commercial roofing projects, so we are one of the most experienced roofing companies in Des Plaines and other local suburbs. Get a free quote!

TZ Roofing Contractor Des Plaines, IL Provides Various Covering Types

Our Projects - TZ Roofing Contractors Des Plaines, IL

Why Choose Our Roofing Contractors Des Plaines, IL

There’s plenty of roofing contractors, but so as reasons why to choose our roofing company. Firstly, we have almost 30 years of experience in a roofing industry. Experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to compare quality of a different roofing contractors. Moreover, we can handle almost every covering roof project. From a small roof replacement projects on a residential buildings to a huge jobs like roof installation on a whole new residential areas.

See why our roofing contractor is a leader in area:


A good roof is only as good as its installation and materials! Our skilled contractors use only the highest quality materials for our roofs.


Commercial roofing projects require different materials and skills than residential ones, and we have those, too! We provide everything: metal, flat and rubber roofs.


Each of our roofing contractors is highly experienced in coverings for residential properties. We possess roof installation, roof replacement, and repair skills for all different roof styles.


We hire professional, highly experienced roofing contractors to complete our roofing projects, providing affordable, efficient, and prompt work. We guarantee you a high quality roof every time.


With twenty-nine years in the industry, we’ve had a lot of practice and experience. Roof installation, roof replacement, re-roofing, repair: you name it, we’ve done it!


Quality roofing is an investment. And often, repairs are needed when least expected. We do our best to offer affordable, flexible rates for our services.

Ask A Question To You Roofing Contractors Des Plaines, IL


How long do new roofs last?

You can trust your roof to withstand a good 20 years, especially with regular maintenance. For roof replacement in Des Plaines arises, trust TZ Roofing Contractor to do a great job.

Can roofing be installed or repaired during winter?

There are no standard temperature guidelines when it comes to roof installation in Des Plaines. However, do keep an eye out for some roof materials that can get brittle over cold temperatures.

Can I paint my roof?

It is ideal for you to use Latex premium quality paints for your roof. Trust our roofing contractors in Des Plaines to leave your roof with a fresh layer.

My roof leaks. Do I need to replace it immediately?

Ignoring signs of roof damage can result in more expensive new roofing in Des Plaines. Talk to our roofing contractors in Des Plaines immediately to get a fair assessment.

Check The Guide to the Roofing Process by TZ Roofing Contractor Des Plaines, IL

Removal of Existing Roof

The process starts with your roofing contractor in Des Plaines removing everything off the roof. That means shingles, waterproofing layers, and also loose nails. These nails are handled by either hammering them in or clearing them off the roof entirely so they do not damage the new roofing.

Underlayment Installation

The water barrier under the shingles is the underlayment. It serves to protect the roof and the home from rain, wind, ice, and snow. The roofing contractors apply it using the self-adhesive and it must comply with local roofing code requirements. Your roofing company in Des Plaines should work within these requirements.


It might not be necessary for your roofing contractors in Des Plaines to add drip edge flashing atop your roof replacement, but most homeowners prefer the finished look. Flashing, however, adds significant protection against water penetration in the corners and the valleys of the roof.

Tar Paper Protection

Your roof installation in Des Plaines may also include an additional layer of waterproofing protection in the form of a special asphalt treated felt material. It is rolled onto the roof in overlapping layers, maintaining dryness under the top layer of shingles while they are exposed to severe rainfall and high winds.

Installing Shingles

Installing from the lowest point of the roof to the top, roofing contractors in Des Plaines nail in shingles in rows that overlap. This way, water streams down the roof and into the gutters without finding a path into the home.

Capping the Ridge

The ridge is where two sloping sides meet at the highest point of the roof. A roof replacement in Des Plaines gives this ridge a cap for aesthetics that homeowners appreciate, but more importantly, the cap prevents water penetration that is needed for every home.

Complete Cleanup

The last part of the process for a roof installation in Des Plaines ensures that all unneeded material and debris is removed from the roof and that all components of the roof, the nails, flashing, and shingles are correctly installed to perform under difficult conditions. This process is what elevates TZ Roofing Company as a reputable roofing company in Des Plaines above the rest.

Roof Installation Des Plaines, IL - Signs You Need a New Roof

Age of your roof and paper trail

Review your home records and check when was the last time you had roof replacement or roof repair in Des Plaines. Knowing these things will give you an idea of how old your roofing is and if it’s time for a roof replacement. 

Check Shingles

Keep an eye on your shingles. Look for particles and pieces of shingles in your gutter. If you find parts of shingles, then your roof is susceptible to damage and roof decay. With that said, call the help of TZ Roofing Contractors in Des Plaines. 

Damaged Flashing

Tar and roof cement are prone to leaking, and this indicated that you need a roof replacement. In some cases, only the flash may need to be replaced. But it is better to call our roofing company in Des Plaines to get professional advice. 

Rotting or Sagging

If your roof’s underlay is worn out, sagging, or rotting, you need a roof replacement. This problem can weaken the foundation of your building structure, and you need the help of professional roofing contractors. 

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