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TZ Roofing Contractor Libertyville, IL

TZ Roofing Contractor understands the value of solid and durable roofing in Libertyville whether for your home or commercial property. Thus, we aim to provide premium-quality and sustainable roofing for all.

We take pride in the years of experience we have in this industry. This has allowed us to understand what our clients want and perfect our projects through the projects we do. This makes us a preferred roofing company in Libertyville. Our crew of roofing contractors is equipped with great knowledge and the perfect equipment and tools for durable and lasting roofing installation in Libertyville. We also do roof replacement as per client request. Give us a call today!

Roofing Services Provided By TZ Roofing Contractor Libertyville, IL

TZ Roofing Contractor of Libertyville is ready and able to tackle a wide array of residential and commercial roofing needs. To learn more about our comprehensive list of roofing services, drop us a line.

Our roofing contractors are happy to get involved with your residential or commercial properties and satisfy all of your roofing needs. We serve the Libertyville area, but are willing to provide our exceptional roofing talents for you homes and business in the surrounding suburbs. We can install flat, shingle, cedar shake, metal, rubber and slate roofing on your structure, along with a few other possibilities to suit your tastes. We only give our best effort, and we do it using the highest-quality materials, but while still offering affordable rates, which has endeared us to the people of Libertyville for almost three decades. We approach all roofing work with a professional manner, and an efficient mindset, that ensures we get the job done right, and fast. We have plenty of five-star reviews from our trusted clients who have made us their go-to roofing source.

Our quality roofing contractors in Libertyville have secured our excellent reputation.

Residential Roofing
Libertyville, IL

We have plenty of residential roofing services available, from shingles to slate, and everything in between. We are affordable, competent, and dependable roofing contractors in Libertyville. We want to protect your home’s roof and that is why we always do our best work on every project we undertake.

Commercial Roofing
Libertyville, IL

While commercial roofing might require a different skill set then putting roofs on homes, our roofing contractors in Libertyville are up to the task with the training and experience to make sure it is done correctly the first time. If you are ready to task the best roofing company in Libertyville with your roofing needs, we are eagerly awaiting your call.

Types of Roof Provided by TZ Roofing Contractor Libertyville, IL

Roofing Process – TZ Roofing Company Libertyville, IL

Removing the Old Roof

Before performing any installation or replacement work, the old roofing should be removed first. Our roofing contractors at TZ Roofing Contractor Libertyville do an excellent job of taking everything off for a fresh canvas. Rest assured even loose nails will not get in the way of the roof installation work ahead.

Underlayment Installation

The underlayment protects your home from extreme weather conditions. We perform the installation by applying a self-adhesive following the local code requirements. If you need any assistance at all, do not hesitate to reach out to us at TZ Roofing Contractor.


Installing a drip edge flashing on the roof edges is an option some homeowners like to have on their roofing. It provides a finished look that improves the aesthetic and waterproofing design of any residential or commercial property in Libertyville.

Additional Tar Paper Protection

As part of our waterproofing service, we apply asphalt treated paper on the roofing. This is done in overlapping layers to stop water penetration from underneath the shingles. Our roofing contractors from Libertyville are trained to perform every step with precision.

Installing Shingles

As an intricate process, the shingles are installed one row at a time until all rows are completed in an overlapping fashion. The water then can flow freely downward without penetrating the shingles in any way.

Capping the Ridge

The ridge is the highest point on the roofing. Capping off the ridge gives the roof a finished look while providing additional waterproofing protection. Every home needs a strong and durable roof ridge that can hold the entire roofing for years to come. Contact TZ Roofing Contractor for professional services.

More than Just a Cleanup

After the roof installation or replacement is completed, there is one more work to be done. Cleaning up is the last step in the entire process for you to enjoy your new roofing. Trust our roofing contractors to clean up well.

When You Need a New Roof Installation Libertyville, IL

Check Paper Trail

Check the records of your home improvement, or if your roof is older than 20 years, then it’s time for a roof replacement. Always remember that roof damage gets worse in time. TZ Roofing Contractor can help you.

Check Shingles

Over time, harsh weather can tear your shingle off and can cause damage. If you find patches that are cracked, damaged, or buckling, then it’s time to call our professional roofing contractors in Libertyville. 

Damaged Flashing

Flashing prevents water from entering your home. However, daily exposure can cause flashing to deteriorate. If you notice damages in your flashing, such as cracking, bending, or thorns, it is best to consult our roofing contractors. 

Rotting or Saggy Roof

Your roof should sag or rot. If you notice rotting or sagging in your roof, this is a dangerous problem that causes potential structural failure. TZ Roofing Contractor in Libertyville can help you identify issues and solutions to your roofing. We’re just one call away from your roofing needs. 

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How do you choose the one roofing company in Libertyville and surrounding areas that can take care of your unique needs above all others? You may have to do a little research, but now, here, you’ve found the roofing contractors in Libertyville with the local experience you want. But what’s more, our customers have been extremely happy with our work for years. See for yourself. Our roofing company in Libertyville has had so many great reviews from satisfied customers. Find them on our Google+ and Yelp pages to see what they love about our top-quality service and workmanship.

We customize our service to fit the needs of every customer. So if you’re looking for commercial or residential roofing options, our roofing contractors in Libertyville can help. Ask us about a free quote or for more details about our professional roof replacement in Libertyville today. Our roofing company is widely regarded for outstanding customer service, use of the best quality materials, quick response times, experience, skills, and amazing work. Call us now to see why we are at the top of the list of roofing companies in Libertyville. If you’re still not totally convinced, read some of our reviews from customers just like you. Then, when it’s time, TZ Roofing Company will be ready to answer your call.

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