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TZ Construction and Roofing is the Trusted Roofing Company in Mount Prospect, IL

There is No Better Roofing Company in Mount Prospect than TZ Construction and Roofing

One of the most important parts of your home or business is the roof, so trust it to the experts in residential and commercial roofing in Mount Prospect, IL. TZ Construction and Roofing has been providing professional roof replacement, roof installation, and roof repair to the Mount Prospect community for many years and we are ready for your roof.

Our exceptionally professional roofing contractors in Mount Prospect are experienced to handle any type of roof with all kinds of roofing materials. We know what works best and how to take care of your roof to make it last as long as possible.

Call on TZ Construction and Roofing in Mount Prospect to take care of your commercial or residential roofing job. We offer a worry and hassle-free experience that will get your roof in top shape. Contact us today for a detailed discussion about your roof.

Why is TZ Construction and Roofing the Right Roofing Company in Mount Prospect, IL?

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Almost 30 Years of Experience

With close to 30 years as a roofing company in Mount Prospect, our roofing contractors have gained unparalleled experience with both commercial and residential roofing. We can handle any type of roof with every type of roofing material available.

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Roofing Contractors with Skills

Our roofing contractors take their skills very seriously. Over the years, we have developed our professional roofing skills and refined them to be exceptional and efficient on every roofing project.


Only the Best Materials

We stand behind our work with the best materials possible. Because we use the finest in tools and equipment, we make sure our work and your roof last as long as possible.


Affordable Professional Roofing

While our roofing contractors provide the best quality and service available for roofing in Mount Prospect, our prices are very affordable. We believe that great service should be reasonably priced to fit into any budget.


Friendly and Efficient Service

At TZ Construction and Roofing, we are known for our outstanding quality roofing and our friendly service. We are always ready to talk about your roofing needs with a warm and welcoming smile.

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We Get it Done on Time

Our professional roofing contractors will have your roof completed on time as promised. Our commitment is to a quality job but we also make sure to complete our work according to the schedule we agree upon.

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