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One of the most important parts of your home or business is the roof, so trust it to the experts in residential and commercial roofing in Mount Prospect, IL. TZ Construction and Roofing has been providing professional roof replacement, roof installation, and roof repair to the Mount Prospect community for many years and we are ready for your roof.

Our exceptionally professional roofing contractors in Mount Prospect are experienced to handle any type of roof with all kinds of roofing materials. We know what works best and how to take care of your roof to make it last as long as possible.

Call on TZ Construction and Roofing in Mount Prospect to take care of your commercial or residential roofing job. We offer a worry and hassle-free experience that will get your roof in top shape. Contact us today for a detailed discussion about your roof.


Services Of Our Roofing Contractors Near Me In Mount Prospect, IL

In Mount Prospect, while many roofing companies might limit their services to particular projects, our team is prepared for any challenge. Our licensed roofing contractors near Mount Prospect are highly skilled in a range of services, including new roofing installations, re-roofing, replacements, and repairs. We handle both commercial and residential projects, excelling in jobs involving either standard or luxury roofing materials.

Residential Roofing

Looking for roofers near me in Mount Prospect? We specialize in residential roofing with a broad range of materials including slate and cedar shakes, ensuring top-notch protection for your home.

Commercial Roofing

For businesses looking up roofers near me in Mount Prospect, we provide expert commercial roofing installations, from flat to shingle roofs, backed by years of experience in northwest suburbs.


Qualified roofing contractors in mount prospect, il skilled in multiple types of roof coverings

metal roofing

Metal Roofing Mount Prospect, IL

If you're in need of roofing contractors near me in Mount Prospedct skilled in metal roofing, look no further. Our team delivers expert installations across a range of metal roofing materials, ensuring top quality.

flat roofing

Flat Roofing Mount Prospect, IL

Searching for a roofing company near me in Mount Prospect to handle your flat roofing needs? We provide expert installation services for both commercial and residential flat roofs.

rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing Mount Prospect, IL

For those looking up roofers near me in Mount Prospect, our rubber roofing options are ideal. We skillfully install TPO and EPDM, offering robust and versatile roofing solutions.

slate roofing

Slate Roofing Mount Prospect, IL

Choose our roofing company near me in Mount Prospect for your slate roofing needs. We install slate roofs that not only look beautiful but are also environmentally friendly and durable.

shingle roofing

Shingle Roofing Mount Prospect, IL

Our roofing contractors near me in Mount Prospect offer shingle roofing, renowned for its affordability and ease of maintenance. It's a popular choice for its diverse material options and economical benefits.

cedar shake roofing

Cedar Shake roofing Mount Prospect, IL

Our roofers near me in Mount Prospect provide unique cedar shake roofing. This option is not only durable and cost-effective but also gives your home a distinctive, rustic appearance.


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TZ roofing company near me in mount prospect, il - choose us

At TZ Roofing Company near Mount Prospect, we strive to foster long-term relationships with our customers by delivering top-tier residential and commercial roofing services. Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals offering enduring workmanship and service. We are equipped to manage virtually any roofing project, handling each roof installation and replacement with dedication and integrity, and always aiming for leadership in the roofing industry. Regardless of the size of your project, you can expect the following exemplary standards from our roofing contractors.


We stand behind our work with the best materials possible. Because we use the finest in tools and equipment, we make sure our work and your roof last as long as possible.


Tackling both commercial and residential roofing projects, our team offers complete services including installation, replacement, and repairs for all roof types.


While our roofing contractors provide the best quality and service available for roofing in Mount Prospect, our prices are very affordable. We believe that great service should be reasonably priced to fit into any budget.


FAQ - TZ Roofing Contractor
Mount Prospect, IL

If regular roofing maintenance is done, an average roofing lifespan is about 20 years. When you need a roof replacement in Mount Prospect, our company is ready to provide the highest quality of work.
If you have asphalt roof shingles, there are no standard temperature guidelines. Our roofing company in Mount Prospect understands that certain materials can become brittle during the winter season.
Absolutely! Our roofers near me in Mount Prospect has premium quality paints to extend roof lifespan. Our roofing contractors can do it all for you!
When you leave a leaking roof for a while, it can cause severe damage, and you’ll need roofing repair, which can get expensive. Talk to our roofing contractors nearby Mount Prospect to know what service you need.



roofing contractors removing old roofing

Removing the Old Roof

Eliminate all old roofing and secure any loose nails by hammering them down.

roofing underlayment installation

Underlayment Installation

Apply self-adhesive water barrier underlayment in line with local codes.

roofing company near me doing flashing installation


Affix drip edge flashing to keep out water and add aesthetic value.

roofing contractors near me installation additional tar paper protection

Additional Tar Paper Protection

Extend asphalt-treated felt in overlapping layers to fortify waterproof protection.

professional roofing shingle installation

Installing Shingles

Affix shingles in overlapping patterns starting from the bottom to prevent water leaks.

professional roofers near me capping the ridge

Capping the Ridge

Apply a cap at the top of the roof for a neat finish and better waterproofing.

Reasons You Need

Reasons You Need A New Roof Installation Mount Prospect, IL

Your Roof Is Old

Roofs last for around 20 years, so if the roof on your house is coming up to 20 years or older, it’s time to call for roof replacement. Contact our roofing contractors Mount Prospect for more information.

Your Shingles Are Damaged

Shingle damage such as curling and warping is a sign that you need new roof installation. Contact our roofing company Mount Prospect to arrange for a roof check.

Your Roof Flashing Or Chimney Are Damaged

Your tar or roof cement flashing is easily damaged by water, our roofing contractors Mount Prospect will be able to check the flashing and see if it needs repair or roof replacement.

Your Underlay Is Rooting

If your roof has a water leak it will seep into the attic and cause the underlay to rot. Call TZ Roofing, our roofing Contractors nearby Mount Prospect, and will check for water damage or underlay rot.

Roof Replacement

What To Consider - Roof Replacement & Roof Installation Mount Prospect, IL

Focus on Quality

It’s difficult to refuse a low price when offered. But not all cheap prices bear long-lasting results. Quality is the priority when looking to replace your roofing. This may be more expensive upfront but will save you from frequent repairs later on.

Ask About Roof Removal

In terms of quality work, placing new shingles over old roofings will prove to be more hassle later on. Find a roofing contractor in Mount Prospect who will willingly remove your old roofing before proceeding with the replacement work.

Ask About Refuse Material Disposal

A trusted roofing company near me in Mount Prospect knows how to provide convenience to their customers. This includes covering the disposal of project waste once the work is finished.

Read the Paperwork Carefully

Like any home improvement project, you should always read the fine print first before giving your hired roofing contractors in Mount Prospect the go signal.


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