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TZ Construction and Roofing is Your Roofing Company in Northbrook, IL

Roofing in Northbrook is Made Easy with the Right Roofing Company, TZ Construction and Roofing

Trust the experts who have specialized roofing contractors in Northbrook, IL to take care of your roof. For roof replacement, roof installation, or a complete re-roofing, TZ Construction and Roofing is ready to serve.

We have highly trained, experienced professional roofing contractors in Northbrook, IL that are capable of handling any roofing project. Because we carry years of experience with all types of roofing for commercial and residential applications, along with all kinds of roofing materials, we know how to make your roof look and function at its best.
TZ Construction and Roofing can make your roof replacement, roof installation, or roof repair an easy process. Call us today for your new roof and have peace of mind with the roofing company in Northbrook, IL that is trusted by the community.

Our professional roofing contractors in Northbrook are standing by to help you with your next roofing project.

Roofing Services by TZ Roofing Companies Northbrook

TZ Roofing Contractors and Roofing Companies Northbrook is the premier roofing company that offers commercial and residential quality roofing services in Northbrook and its surrounding areas.
Our roofing company in Northbrook believes that when it comes to commercial and residential roof installation, durability and efficiency are of utmost importance. To optimize your investment and protect your property, each of our roofing contractors and workers are skilled and have years of experience in the residential and commercial roofing industry. Our roofing contractors in Northbrook can help you decide which roofing material is best for your home or building. Whether you need flat, shingle, metal, cedar shake roof, or rubber roofs, our roofing contractors can provide excellent roofing installation and roof replacement while considering each of our clients’ needs and offer an ideal solution at a fair price.
We value each of our customers and do our best in every project that we handle to satisfy their needs. That is why our customers value our high-quality services and professional approach by leaving us good reviews on the internet.
No matter what style of commercial or residential roofing materials you choose, we are always committed to installing a top-notch roof that will last long.

Covering Types Offered By Our Roofing Company Northbrook, IL

Why Choose TZ Construction and Roofing in Northbrook, IL

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Years of Experience

We have been serving the community providing expert roofing services for many years. Our roofing contractors in Northbrook know how to handle all kinds of roof types and all roofing materials.

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Skilled Roofing Contractors

With all of our experience, we have been able to master our skills work efficiently on every roofing job. Your roof will be handled by roofing contractors who are experts that use their skills to make sure your roof lasts.


High-Quality Materials

We ensure a proper roofing job with the use of only the highest quality materials for every roof. Our roofing contractors do a great job in part because of the high standards we expect from our tools and roofing materials.


Professional Roofing That’s Affordable

We understand that home maintenance and repairs can be costly. That’s why we make our roofing services affordable. We are priced right so you can get unbeatable roofing services that will not break your budget.


Priority on Customer Service

TZ Construction and Roofing is known for our genuine friendly service. You will always find that we are easy to work with and we care about every customer from start to finish.

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Finished as Promised

We make sure your project is completed on time. When we commit to a completion date, we stick to it, because we know that finishing a job in a timely manner is important to every customer.

The Roofing Contractor in Northbrook, IL That Can Do It All

metal roofing

Metal Roofing in Northbrook

Metal roofing takes the skill and experience of our roofing contractors in Northbrook. Let’s discuss your metal roofing options.

flat roofing

Flat Roofing in Northbrook

Flat roofing requires a very specialized set of skills that a sloped roof does not. Our roofing contractors in Northbrook can bring you these skills for your flat roof.

rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing in Northbrook

We work with both TPO and EPDM rubber roofing materials to give you the best possible options for your roof. Speak to our roofing contractors about your choices.

slate roofing

Slate Roofing in Northbrook

For a stunning roof that can last for generations, slate roofing is the answer. It is beautiful and durable, plus it is an eco-friendly option.

shingle roofing

Shingle Roofing in Northbrook

Seen on most homes in the country, shingles provide a great affordable roofing option that can accommodate your color choices and style.

cedar roofing

Cedar Shake Roofing in Northbrook

Give your home a new rustic look with cedar shake roofing. This roofing type is great for its unique appearance and it offers superior natural protection from water penetration.

Why Choose TZ Roofing Northbrook for Your Roofing

There are quite a few roofing contractors in Northbrook but for the quality roofing you are looking for in the area, there are convincing reasons why you should contact our roofing company in Northbrook over the others. We have close to 30 years of experience as the leading roofing contractors in Northbrook. Experience is an important factor regarding quality roofing that you expect from professional roofing contractors. Our roofing contractor team is very versatile with the ability to work on all roof types, from a single-family residential roof replacement to a larger project like roof installation for a new construction subdivision. TZ Roofing Northbrook is the right choice for your roof.

What TZ Roofing Northbrook Contractors can offer you:


To achieve the roof you want, the roofing materials used are important. At TZ Roofing Northbrook, our skilled roofing contractors find the best possible roofing materials for every roofing project.


Commercial roofing is very different from residential roofing and includes highly specialized services as well as a very different set of materials.Our roofing contractors in Northbrook are ready to work for you while using various desired materials.


You can rely on our roofing contractors in Northbrook with our tremendous experience handling all kinds of residential roofing you are looking for. Our incredible roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repair expertise are here for you.


We have the leading professionals who are experienced roofing contractors in Northbrook prepared to work for you. Our biggest goal is to make roofing simple for you through affordability, efficiency, and top-quality work. We can guarantee the ultimate roof replacement in Northbrook.


Because we have over 29-years in the roofing business, our level of experience is unrivaled. Our roofing contractors do their best work to give your home what it needs as the leading roofing company in Northbrook.


The most important part of any home is a solid roof. While it often happens that roof repairs unexpectedly and inevitably arise, TZ Roofing Northbrook is available when you need us with affordable, flexible pricing, and fast response times for your roofing expertise.

Ask A Question To The Roofing Company Northbrook, IL

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How long do new roofs last?

A standard roof lasts for 20 years with regular maintenance in place. In case you need a fresh new roof, you can trust our TZ Roofing Contractor to give you quality roof installation.

Can roofing be installed or repaired during winter?

You do not have to worry about your roof during winter as they hold up pretty well. However, look out for certain materials that can get brittle during wintertime.

Can I paint my roof?

Definitely! We at TZ Roofing Contractor in Northbrook recommend latex premium quality paints, which can effectively extend the lifespan of your roof.

My roof leaks. Do I need to replace it immediately?

Leaving your roof leaking can cause further damage and result in an expensive roof repair. Consult with our roofing contractors in Northbrook to know whether you need a simple repair or an entire roof replacement in Northbrook.

Roofing Process by TZ Roofing Contractor Northbrook, IL – Our Step-By-Step Guide

Existing Roof Removal

The process begins with your roofing contractor in Northbrook removing everything from the roof. That includes shingles, waterproofing layers, and also loose nails. These are handled by either hammering them flat or clearing them away entirely to protect against damaging the new roofing.

Underlayment Installation

The water barrier is called the underlayment. It protects the roof from rain, wind, ice, and snow. The roofing contractors in Northbrook apply it with a self-adhesive and it must be done in compliance with local roofing code requirements. Your roofing company in Northbrook should be aware of these requirements.


It might not be essential for your roofing contractors in Northbrook to install drip edge flashing on your roof, but many homeowners prefer that finished look. Flashing is a significant piece of protection against water penetration along the corners and valleys of the roof.

Additional Tar Paper Protection

Part of your roof installation in Northbrook provides an additional layer of waterproofing protection through a special felt material treated with asphalt. It is simply rolled out in overlapping layers to maintain a dry roof under the top layer of shingles as they are subjected to severe rainfall and high winds.

Installing Shingles

Installing from the bottom of the roof to the top, roofing contractors in Northbrook nail down shingles in overlapping rows. This allows water to stream down the roof and into the gutters without leaking into the home.

Capping the Ridge

The ridge is the highest point of the roof where two sloping sides meet. A roof replacement in Northbrook caps this ridge for aesthetics that homeowners enjoy, but more importantly, to prevent water penetration, which every home needs.

Complete Cleanup

The final aspect of the process for a roof installation in Northbrook ensures that all waste and debris are removed and that all parts of the roof, nails, flashing, and shingles are securely installed to perform under harsh conditions. This process is what elevates TZ Roofing Company in Northbrook above the rest.

Signs You Need a New Roofing Northbrook, IL

Paper Trail: Check your home improvement records to see how long your roof was replaced or reshingled. If a long time has passed, it’s time to call TZ Roofing Contractor’s expert roofing contractors in Northbrook to get the job done right.

Check Shingles: Keep a close eye on your rooftop to ensure it’s in its best shape, especially after heavy weather conditions. When you notice that your shingles are cracked, damaged, or buckling, it’s time to contact our roofing company in Northbrook.

Flash Forward: What seals the roof’s seams from rain and weather are flashing around the vents, skylights, and chimneys. These parts shouldn’t have any cracks or breaks, which leads to leaks. If there’s any, call our roofing company in Northbrook today!

Rescue From Rot: When your roof is droopy, sagging, it is in dire need of a roof replacement in Northbrook before any further damage occurs to your home. Check for these signs, and you see this call us at once.

How To Hire A Roofing Contractor Northbrook, IL

Check References and Experience

Ensure to ask a roofing company in Northbrook for references for their work. It will give you a chance to see how they work. Hiring inexperienced roofing contractors can lead to additional repairs, extended deadlines, and inaccurate pricing.

Talk to Several Contractors

Talking to several roofing contractors in Northbrook would be a great help. Comparing prices is crucial, but remember, this is just one part of the project. You don’t want to make your decision on a couple of hundred dollars for a project that will cost several thousand dollars.

Review the Contract and Warranties

Ensure to read every contract of each roofing company in Northbrook before signing. Understand the warranty that comes with the new roof.

Avoid Wet Seasons

Don’t schedule your roofing services in Northbrook on rainy or snowy seasons. It can be a safety hazard and can make things complicated for our roofing contractors.

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