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When you need a new roof installation in Palatine, whether it’s a roof replacement or a re-roofing, make sure you rely on experienced professionals. Go with one of the roofing companies Palatine homeowners trust for top-quality service. At TZ Roofing Contractor, our team is expertly trained and experienced to offer you the best possible roofing in Palatine with great rates on a roof that’s built to last.

Solid roofing is an integral part of keeping your home warm, dry, and secure. Our roofing contractors nearby Palatine are proud to provide the entire region with high-quality residential and commercial services including installation, repair and roof replacement. Property owners can contact us to find out why we are the top roofing company near me in Palatine


Our Roofing Services - TZ Roofing Contractor Palatine, IL

TZ Roofing Company serves both residential and commercial customers with professional roof installation in Palatine and surrounding areas. Our roofing contractors near me in Palatine are highly trained specialists with the skills to offer roof replacement of all kinds, including flat, shingles, metal, cedar shake roofing, rubber, and more! Each of our roofing contractors has years of experience to handle any roof. Plus, you can count on us to be very affordable. Customers appreciate our ability to deliver on quality, efficiency, and professional aptitude to communicate clearly. We’re the top roofing company near me in Palatine, IL with so many terrific reviews that you can see online! Before you choose from all the roofing companies in Palatine, see what TZ Roofing Company has to offer. We guarantee that you’ll like what you find because our roofing contractors are among the most recommended experts in the region.

Our exceptional roof installation and roof replacement in Palatine make TZ Roofing Company the most highly regarded in the area.

Residential Roofing

TZ Roofing Company near me in Palatine provides a wide range of residential roofing services, starting with shingles and expanding from there into other outstanding roofing material options. Our roofing installation in Palatine is very affordable and highly dependable. Proper residential roofing is critical to the safety and security of your home. That’s why our roofing contractors near me in Palatine take the job seriously with a variety of materials like shingles, slate, metal, cedar shakes, and more! Contact our team today.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing in Palatine requires a different set of skills than residential roofing. Let our professional roofing contractors give you the roofing installation in Palatine that you need for your flat, rubber, or shingle roof! We have handled so many commercial roofing replacements in Palatine, so we are one of the most experienced roofing companies in the region. Contact us for a free quote!


Covering Types Offered by Us – TZ Roofing Contractor Palatine, IL

metal roofing

Metal Roofing Glenview
Palatine, IL

If you're searching for a roofing contractor knowledgeable about metal roof replacement, repair, or installation, TZ Roofing Contractor is the ideal place to start.

flat roofing

Flat Roofing Glenview
Palatine, IL

Flat roofs are not similar to the sloped ones in terms of installation. You need an expert for flat roof installation in Palatine that can do the job right.

rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing
Palatine, IL

Rubber roofing suits many roofing types. We can guide you to help you decide whether to get a TPO or EPDM rubber roof. Contact us for more about our services!

slate roofing

Slate Roofing
Palatine, IL

Slate roofing is a popular covering utilized by many homeowners today. It is a stylish type of roofing, environmentally friendly, and durable. Ask us about this roofing type today!

shingle roofing

Shingle Roofing
Palatine, IL

Among the most popular types of roofing today are shingles as they are easy to maintain, easy to repair, affordable, and have various kinds of materials to choose from.

cedar shake roofing

Cedar Shake roofing
Palatine, IL

Achieve a rustic look with cedar shake roofs. They are heavy-duty and economical, so if you want to know more about their benefits, contact our roofing contractors today!


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Why We Are #1 Roofing Contractors Palatine, IL

There are many roofing contractors near me in Palatine, yet we are at the top. Among the reasons is our lengthy experience in the industry, serving almost 30 years providing roofing services in the Palatine area. It is important to have enough experience as it determines the quality of service of a roofing contractor Palatine has. Also, we cover almost all kinds of roof projects. It includes small roof replacement for houses to huge projects like an entirely residential area.

Learn why our roofing company is the best in the Palatine area:


The quality of a good roof is as vital as its materials and roof installation. Our experts only utilize the best materials for our projects.


From rubber to metal roofs, our roofing expertise spans both commercial and residential sectors, ensuring top-quality installations, replacements, and repairs.


A top-quality roof is a good investment. Usually, repairs are prompted at unexpected times.  Our roofing contractors in Palatine offer flexible rates and prices for our roofing services as much as possible.



roofing contractors removing old roofing

Removing the Old Roof

Remove all remnants of the old roofing and ensure loose nails are hammered flat or removed.

roofing underlayment installation

Underlayment Installation

Fit a self-adhesive water barrier, ensuring compliance with local code specifications.

roofing company near me doing flashing installation


Implement drip edge flashing to enhance the visual appeal and stop water penetration.

roofing contractors near me installation additional tar paper protection

Additional Tar Paper Protection

Arrange asphalt-treated felt in overlapping layers to enhance water resistance.

professional roofing shingle installation

Installing Shingles

Install shingles from the bottom, overlapping each row upwards to prevent water infiltration.

professional roofers near me capping the ridge

Capping the Ridge

Set a cap on the highest part of the roof, enhancing aesthetics and waterproofing.