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When it’s time for a new roof installation in Chicago, whether it’s a full roof  replacement or a simple re-roofing, trust only in experienced professionals. Count on one of the roofing companies Chicago homeowners trust for the best service. At TZ Roofing Contractor, our professionals are expertly trained and experienced to provide you with the best possible roofing in Chicago with excellent low prices on roofing that’s made to last.

Proper roofing is a critical part of keeping your home safe, warm, and dry. Our roofing contractors near me in Chicago are proud to bring the highest quality residential and commercial services to the entire region, including roof installation, repair, and roof replacement. Chicago property owners can call our team experience why TZ Roofing Contractor is the top roofing company in the area.


Roofing Services Provided By TZ Roofing Contractors Nearby Chicago, IL

Our team consists of skillful roofing contractors from Chicago with years of experience to prove their expertise in this field. We provide everything from roof installation to roof replacement services to keep your home or building secure with a strong roof over it. 

For our roof installation, you can choose from our various roof materials – flat, shingle, metal, cedar shake, rubber, slate. We keep our services affordable so you can have the best roofing over your property without worrying about the budget. At our company, we value professionalism, client satisfaction, and great value for money. We have roofing specialists that are keen on details and know the ins and outs of sturdy and strong roofing, so we can leave you happy and satisfied with your fresh new roof. Our expertise in the industry and a great relationship with clients make us the preferred roofing company in the Chicago area and nearby suburbs. We continue to improve our craft so we can serve our Chicagoland locals better. For quality roofing services, go with TZ Roofing Contractors near me in Chicago. Consult with us at any time!

Residential Roofing

We keep homeowners safe and happy by providing them beautiful and strong roofing in Chicago. Our roofing types go from shingles to a flat roof to cedar shake and many more. We ensure the security of all roof installations we do for our clients’ safety. For affordable roofing, contact us today.

Commercial Roofing

Compared with residential roofing, commercial roofing is installed and maintained differently. The good thing is we have expert roofing contractors nearby Chicago in our company that can handle your commercial roofing with ease! We can do installations, maintenance, and anything else you need in between! Feel free to contact us for free estimates.


Covering Types Provided By Our Roofing Contractor Chicago, IL

metal roofing

Metal Roofing Glenview
Chicago, IL

If you want metal roofing on your Chicago home, we have skilled roofing contractors that can handle the job. And we have a variety of metals available.

flat roofing

Flat Roofing Glenview
Chicago, IL

With the skillset to do even flat roofs, we offer our roofing contractors for installation of your flat roof on your Chicago residence or commercial property.

rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing
Chicago, IL

You can ask for TPO or EPDM, and our roofing installation pros can do it in Chicago. We do high quality rubber roofing you can be proud to have.

slate roofing

Slate Roofing
Chicago, IL

The pinnacle of roofing materials is slate roofing for your Chicago home. It is eco-friendly, very durable, and easily one of the most beautiful roof coverings.

shingle roofing

Shingle Roofing
Chicago, IL

For an affordable roofing material that is easy to maintain and repair, shingles are the way to go. They come in plenty of materials and colors for your home.

cedar shake roofing

Cedar Shake roofing
Chicago, IL

With the skillset to do even flat roofs, we offer our roofing contractors for installation of your flat roof on your Chicago residence or commercial property.


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Why Choose Our Roofing Company Nearby Chicago, IL & the Local Areas

There are a number of roofing contractors near me in Chicago but there are also some great reasons why you should choose our roofing company. First, we have close to 30 years of experience as professional roofing contractors in Chicago. Experience is so important when it comes to high-quality work provided by a knowledgeable roofing contractor. Next, we can work on just about all roof replacement projects, from a small residential roof replacement to a large project like roof installation on the construction of new residential homes. TZ Roofing Chicago is here for you.

See why TZ Roofing Chicago Contractors are the best in the region:


A sound roof is only as good as the roofing materials that hold it together. At TZ Roofing Chicago, our incredibly skilled contractors only use the highest quality materials for our roofing projects.


We provide comprehensive roofing services for both commercial and residential properties, including metal, flat, and rubber roofs, along with installation, replacement, and repairs.


Top-quality roofing is an important investment for your home. Very often, roof repairs are needed when they are least expected, so we make sure to bring you affordable, flexible pricing for outstanding roofing services.


TZ Roofing Contractor Chicago, IL - FAQ

The average roof, with the proper regular maintenance, can last about 20 years. When you are ready for your roof replacement in Chicago, TZ Roofing Contractor can help with quality service and material.
There is no standard guideline for a roof replacement in Chicago when temperatures turn cold, but some roofing materials can become brittle under such conditions.
You can paint your roof using premium quality latex paints to extend the life of your roof. Our roofing contractors near me in Chicago can help.
If left too long, a leaky roof can lead to severe damage, making a roof repair more costly. Our roofing company in Chicago can advise you on whether you need a roof repair or a roof replacement.



roofing contractors removing old roofing

Removing the Old Roof

Fully clear the existing roof, ensuring all old materials are removed and any loose nails are flattened or taken out.

roofing underlayment installation

Underlayment Installation

Install self-adhesive waterproof underlayment following local regulations.

roofing company near me doing flashing installation


Fit drip edge flashing around the roof to block water penetration and improve appearance.

roofing contractors near me installation additional tar paper protection

Additional Tar Paper Protection

Roll out asphalt-treated felt in staggered layers to increase waterproofing.

professional roofing shingle installation

Installing Shingles

Start from the bottom, nailing shingles in staggered rows to prevent water entry.

professional roofers near me capping the ridge

Capping the Ridge

Cap the roof's ridge to provide a polished appearance and enhance waterproofing.

Tips TZ

Tips To Help You Hiring a Roofing Contractors Near Me In Chicago, IL

Check Experience & References

Ask the roofing contractor Chicago about their past jobs and experience, an experienced roofer will be able to meet any roofing challenge. At TZ Roofing, all of our roofing contractors are skilled and experienced.

Talk With Different Contractors

Acquire several on-site estimates from different roofing contractors near me in Chicago, which will give you an idea of a reasonable price. Also, consider a company’s experience and skill as well as their hourly rate.

Check The Warranties & Warranties

Before signing any contracts make sure you have read through all the paperwork and the warranty. To be sure exactly what you are getting. The warranty is very important for any roof replacement or repair

Keep Away From Wet Seasons

Avoid wet weather including snow, it is extremely difficult to work outside in this weather and will also be a serious safety hazard.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement & Roof Installation Chicago, IL - What to Consider

Focus on Quality

Working with a roofing contractor who offers roof installation in Chicago at the lowest prices might be tempting. But, remember that having low-quality roofing can make you spend more money on repairs and roof replacement in Chicago.

Ask About Roof Removal

When getting a roof replacement, ask the contractor you will work with if they will be removing the old roof for you. We at TZ Roofing Contractor recommend that it is best to have your existing roof removed than placing new shingles on top of it.

Ask About Refuse Material Disposal

Don’t hesitate to ask roofers near me in chicago if they will remove the refuse material from your roofing. It is ideal for roofers to bring a container to put them all away.

Read the Paperwork Carefully

Before starting any roofing project with a roofing company, make sure to read all the content of the contract they provide. It should include specific details about the cost of the replacement and the products to be utilized.


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